Help: A/C Keeps shutting off

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Help: A/C Keeps shutting off

First, I am not a home-technical person at all, so if I use the wrong terms, or describe something incorrectly, I apologize in advance.

I live on the 15th Floor of a large condo in Fort Lauderdale. I don't know how my A/C system works, but I know it's connected to the rest of the building. Here is a picture:

The A/C runs for about 5 minutes, then I hear it "chug- chug chug....." and then cut off. If I turn off the power wait a few mintues and turn it on again, it will do the same thing.

I've poured a bleach water solution down "the pipe" thingy, and have also tried to run a snake down it. No change.

Any tips?
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that looks like it is using condenser water suplied by the building when you restart it grab the return(or out labeled copper pipe) and feel it it gets warm if the unit goes off before you feel any heat the pumping from the building might not be running or your strainer on your unit is clogged.that sounds like a building maint. item for them to narrow it down check with a neighbor see if they are running cooling ok.if they are it is probably your condenser supply strainer needs cleaning.large condo would run a system that has these types of connections and that strainer..good luck
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Right on sminker!

What you have there in the New Towers (serial number tells lots) is a 2 ton water source heat pump.

As sminker said it's probably a water issue. Trane specs 5.5 gpm for this unit. It's most likly going out on high pressure so stop resetting it or you may cause damage YOU will need to pay for.

Top pipe is water out, bottom is water in. I don't see a strainer or solnoid valve. What is the red looking thing behind the door?

Pretty bad water meter install there also.

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