Installing AC in SoCal house with floor furnace?


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Question Installing AC in SoCal house with floor furnace?

I am a first time home buyer looking at a 1600 sq foot house on raised foundation with an attic crawl space. The house was built in the 1950s with a floor furnace There is also a big brick fireplace in the middle of the house, almost like a hearth, that you can walk around 270 degrees. The side meets the wall and the floor furnace is within 6 feet of it in the adjacent hallway. From what I can tell, there is no vents or duct work except for the large grate in the hall.

Forgetting for a moment, the cost of inspecting and repairing this floor furnace. What would be the process and the cost if installing central air? I have looked at other houses with forced air heat and was told that installing central air conditioning was easy if they could tie into the existing duct work. But what if there is no duct work?

Thanks is advance for any replies.
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Hello 1st Timer, Been a while since I've been in Orange Cty. Weather still boring?
A Contractor would most likely be installing what's called a split system; with the noisy condensor outside, piped into an air handler in the attic, with sheet metal and flexible duct supplying diffusers mounted in the ceiling.
If 2 floors are involved, round duct (SM) can be routed down through your 2nd floor closets.
Be sure to get a 'heat gain survey' to be sure the system is sized right - a lot of variables. Too big and you will spend too much to buy and run it.(I remember the climate being quite dry out there, except for the 2 weeks of winter).
Of course, too small-not happy either, 'twould be running all the time...
Tom Beer 4U2
p.s. I was in Garden Grove in the 70's

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