Air Condition Unit for a Very Small Window?

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Unhappy Air Condition Unit for a Very Small Window?

Hello! My boyfriend & I live in what our rental agency considers a "loft apartment" but in all reality it's actually just the attic of an old Victorian house. It's a very cute apartment & we like it but there's one big problem we've run into after living there for over a year now - in the winter, it's freezing cold, & in the summer, it's blazing hot! We live in Western Pennsylvania so our seasons are usually one extreme to the other. The apartment has it's own gas furnace but, in the words of our landlords maintenance man, it is "the most inefficient furnace I have ever seen". Unfortunately the landlord as well our rental agency don't want to hear a word of it - to them, the furnace still runs, & that should be good enough. Also unfortunate, the gas furnace ends up costing us over $250 a month in the winter, which isn't at all worth it considering it doesn't do a very good job in heating the place at all (we still end up having to use electric heaters anyway). This is amazing to me considering it's such a small, open place, but I digress. Summer is fast approaching & we really aren't looking forward to how hot it gets in our little attic apartment. There is only one 'room' that has windows big enough for a regular sized window air conditioner unit, all of the other windows in the apartment are very, very small (think attic windows). We tried everything last year - all different sized fans set up in all different areas, but no matter what we tried, we could not seem to get that air conditioner to cool the whole apartment down. So, we ended up stapling a sheet of fabric over the doorway to that little 'room' & sleeping in there on couch cushions (which was awful as the room is about the size of a small bathroom). So! I was wondering if anyone might know of a better way to cool the attic of a Victorian house? I wasn't sure if they even made window air conditioner units in a smaller size that would be small enough to fit in our small windows. I'm sorry I don't have the measurements of the windows with me but I can get that information later tonight or tomorrow & update this post with it. I just wanted to post this here so I didn't lose the web site &/or forget. If they don't make small enough air conditioners to fit our windows, perhaps you know of another way we could cool the place? Also, if you have any suggestions for heating it in the winter, that would be great too!!! Thanks so much in advance for any input.

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You could look at portable air conditioners that vent through a duct to the outside. That duct is easy to adapt to any size window. Units like this are also available in Heat Pump versions that can heat or cool as well as vent through a duct.

Moving up a bit would be a Mini-Split, again either just an air conditioner or a Heat Pump version to do both. However the Mini-split requires half of the system to be mounted outside and the other half goes inside. They are connected with refrigerant lines, usually through the wall. Your landloard may or may not allow this.

Keep watching as others will post and get those dimensions so we will know just how small.

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so basically your living in an attic space(windows on each end on the lenght of it) and the sun is pounding the roof in the summer!not just the body load with the windows open cross venting but the roof heating up would eat up anything AC running.if you think the heating bill was something you trying to cool the place would force you into buying a foreclosed house at the price of cooling that load.during the winter all the heat you pay for is minimal to your space, but you are conditioning the attic so the people below you don't feel the cold same goes for the summer with the start with running an outside duct into the return duct of your heating system with a damper to shut the room return off just up from the filter .so now you can run the fan for the heating(a little rewiring to get the fan to run off the stat there) without the gas heat....pull in outside air and distribute it thru the you leave the windows open with screen down in the mornings so it always moves air and or vents that roof heating up?what happens when you leave all the windows open with screens down during the summer mornings then you return from work noting that it can only be as cool as it is outside even at 85F sun blazing?the reason the floors below are easier to cool with a couple of window units is the heat load from that roof..and any stairwell going up to your place the house heat will rise up thru there to add to your cooling load.lets see your answers here and the suggestions will follow up if worth it.Beer 4U2
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With a little imagination I can see hanging a mini-split through the window. You could make metal "square U" bracket that hung over the window sill and supported the outside part. The lines would come through the window and the window would lower to a filler board that fit around brackets and lines. You could even set the inside portion on a table in front of the windows to hide the bottom part of the window where it enters but leave most of the window unobstructed.. Basically no holes needed so nothing to upset the landlord when you move. You would need a dedicated electric supply.

Above assumes single or double hung windows but plan could be modified for casement windows..

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