Wiring air handler and Tstat for 2 stage cooling, wiring diagrams included


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That parts not your worry anyway

A licenced tech needs to do that...
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Absolutely. And the HVAC company will do it. I was just curious to understand the process. I actually found the service manual for the Amana ASX16, and it has no mention of this charging requirement.

I'll trust the company knows what he's doing. He's been doing it for years. I'm only interested in knowing because he said he doesn't do a lot of 2 stage residential units.
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i have an asx18 with a mbe2000 air handler. same setup. i have mine wired up

thermo to handler
y1 to purple
y2 to yellow
red to rc
blue to c
green to g

from handler to condensor
purple to y1
yellow to y2
red to red
blue to blue

sounds right? u got me double checking my wiring!
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Looks right to me. Mine is working great. Although, you may not need Red to the condenser if no heat...The wiring manual would tell you for sure.

Although my condenser does have a red wire, I didn't hook it up per what Goodman/Amana told me, and what the wiring diagrams showed.

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