Smaller coil than compressor - Am I in trouble?


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Smaller coil than compressor - Am I in trouble?

I had my coil replaced 4 years ago (1.5 ton capacity). Two years ago I replaced my outside compressor with a 2-ton Trane - 11 SEER (installing tech told me it was a 2 ton, but I kept the original and it turned out after the fact, to really be only 1.5 tons).

I did have to get the line set increased a year after the new install due to lots of moisuture forming on the lines in the crawl space. The larger line set seems to have helped that issue a good bit, but I do still have lots of water that forms under the outside compressor whenever it runs. I have no idea if this is normal. The installing tech said it is normal, "that Trane's pull out lots of humidty", but they also said the smaller line set was fine too! So I don't really trust anything they said.

My friend just had total compressor failure at her home and she said her HVAC tech said it was because the coil and compressor were different sizes.

Am I flirting with disaster? Should I go ahead and pay to have a 2 ton coil put it, even though the 1.5 ton unit is relatively new? And other than lots of water under the outside compressor unit, the AC system works like a charm. Also, I'm not sure the furnace (original 25+ years) is suited for a 2-ton coil.

Any advice? I don't want to ruin the new compressor and or have total failure with coil and compressor.

Thanks for your advice.
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I have work for you.

1st look through all the paperwork history you have (you did save it?) and post the Make, Model, and Serial numbers of what is supposedly in place.

2nd look at the actual equipment and provide the same information for what IS in place. Make, Model, and Serial numbers. Furnace also.

Also what is the line set size and lenght.

With this we should be able to look everything up and see how well (or poorly) it matches.
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Bad paperwork...

Okay....first...thanks for your prompt reply. I pulled the paperwork and unfortunately the Ruud coil does not have a make, model, serial #, etc. on the paperwork. Nor does the company that fixed the line set mention the length or new size. Lesson learned. But the good news is, the coil invoice says it is a 2 ton unit. Getting the model/serial info off the units...I honestly can't get to the coil. It's in a precarious position at the other end of the furnace in the attic. I can get to the filter part okay, but the coil is on the other end of the furnace. My mind is pretty much at ease now that the compressor and coil "apparently" are 2 ton matches.

Revision to my it "normal" for a Trane compressor (2TTR1018A1000AA) to leak water onto the pad outside? I have another compressor right beside it, for the downstairs, and it is never wet on the pad. Note: that downstairs compressor runs much less than the upstairs unit/Trane. I just want to make sure that this truly is normal and there aren't any maintenance issues I should be addressing to assure a good life span.
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1st off, that is a 1 1/2 ton outdoor unit. Its not that uncommen to have an evap coil oversized by 1/2 ton nor is it a big deal in a matched system.

Problem is, you have a 4 yr old RUUD evap, tonnage is questionable, a two yr old Trane cond unit, and who knows if the line set is correct, with a 25 yr old furnace. About as far from a matched system as you can get..........sorry.

It is not normal to leak water onto the pad, unless your looking at the condensate line discharging where it shouldn't be.

If you want that "system" to last you as long as possible, maintenance would be a good idea.

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