Ineffective Thru-Wall AC Units


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Everything posted seems to indicate you have more then adequate cooling capacity and your temp readings seem to indicate they are cooling as expected. That seems to leave circulation. While I'm not sure my previously posted idea for circulating the air would work I'll post it again so the HVAC guys can say if it might help.
On the AC side of the living
room I would put a through-the-wall vent fan pulling air to the next room and a second through-the-wall vent fan pulling air to the third room with AC. In the third room on the wall opposite the wall with ACs I put a third through-the-wall vent fan pushing it back to the second room and finally a fourth fan from that room blowing it back in to the living room on the far opposite side from that AC.

Envision circular rotation from the AC side of the apartment to the far side of the rooms. You'd get the cooling power of all the ACs mixed together and moved to the far side of the rooms. Because cold air sinks I would put the through-the-wall vent fan high in the wall. I would also consider ceiling fans. to help move the air. Of course I'm no HVAC man and they may think my idea is crazy but
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Well... I honestly can't really tell what's what... I see the condenser fins, which weren't terribly clogged. Just a few pigeon feathers, which I plucked out and discarded. To the right was a bit of open space, tubes, etc. From that general cavity, warm air was coming out (while the machine was on).
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squirrel cages are for the inside supply fan right above filters and below cooling coil the condenser has a bladed fan with seperate motor...check the round parts of the squirrels to see if they are clean and dust free....ever see a hampster running in one at the pet store same thing minus the hampster
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The temperature drop you measured from the a/c units is more or less close to what you would expect.

This whole thing really doesn't add up.
By the numbers you should have enough capacity but there doesn't appear to be any major problem with your units based on what you are telling us.
Is it possible that there is an additional heat or humidity source you are not allowing for.
Perhaps the heat is partially on or you have an apartment full of fish tanks or similar.

Additional fans would be of no benefit.
Air conditioning does not add cold, it removes heat.
If you were to put in a fan to move the air it would add more heat from other areas of the apartment and cause the air conditioned room to get warmer.

These PTAC units are not cheap and I'll again suggest you call someone competent to assess your situation.
Whoever came to tell you that there is nothing wrong with the units should also be able to tell you why your apartment is not being cooled.
You did have a fully qualified licensed refrigeration tradesman check them....., right, or was it a handyman?
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Yes, it was the company who looked after my building's AC/heating units. He had said the units were functioning perfectly. But to me, if it's 88 degrees outside, and my apartment is 80 degrees after running the AC for several hours, something isn't right. I could always try calling someone else, I suppose. If anyone on here can recommend a good company, I'm open for suggestions.

I certainly don't need somebody else to come here and say, "well, your units are working perfectly - they are putting out air that is cool enough. You should try installing better blinds" or something like that. One guy I spoke to on the phone said that 80 degrees was as good as I could expect, and that I should be content with that.

I just don't know anymore. I guess I'll just hope the Fall arrives early...
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Brand-X air conditioners are defective and customer service is less than stellar

We spent over $2,000 on a Brand-X 18,000 BTU unit and it never worked. It's loud, vibrates and does not cool. We even called Brand-X Company and they could care less. When we first got it the re-seller came in and looked at and said nothing is wrong. It was the end of the Summer. They said the unit needs to break-in. We trusted them. Then in the next season the unit is VERY loud vibrates and does not cool.

I blame Brand-X for making such defective air conditioning units and for the companies that sell their products in New York City from charging high mark-ups and then walking away from people who paid and were told the "It's got to get broken in". They pulled a fast one by getting by the warranty.

At over 70 DB's it's like sitting on an airport runway, it vibrates the room and it does not even cool the room. Do not buy Brand-X air conditioners in New York City.

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Did you do any homework before buying a non-national-name brand unit? Even more importantly, did you check references for the installer? "It's got to get broken in," is nuts - I'm sorry you fell for it. I wouldn't have expected big-city folks to be so gullible.

By the way, you've hijacked a 5-year-old thread.

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I had a look at the company name NYC was bashing and they specialize in standard and custom size PTAC units.
PTAC units are the type of through the wall unit that is commonly found in motel rooms.

These units are more about physical ruggedness than quiet operation and would be the last thing I would expect to see in a home.
It doesn't say who installed it but I have seen installations that were prone to transferring their natural loudness to the structure.

There are exceptions and I hate to say it but the most quiet and reliable small units out there come from offshore.

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