York 80 Problem- Tech Diagnosis

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York 80 Problem- Tech Diagnosis

I'm new to the site, there is some great info on here I wished I would have searched first before my problem.

I have a York Diamond 80 hvac unit came new with house in 2001. I went to the attic and the blower wasn't spinning and it wouldn't spin in both Heat and AC. The outside AC unit is running though.

I called one of the local AC companies this morning to come fix. The tech came and gave me a 991 estimate. $125 diagnosis, 750 for the part, and then tax. He said I needed a new blower, capacitator, and wheel. Plus, he said he was going to provide me temporary relief until the part came in. I wasn't home when the tech over, a family member was over and I spoke to him on the phone. He kept asking on the phone if I was OK with replacing all that and I said yes (what was I suppose to say, NO and have the family suffer?)

When I get home, my blower is running fine, nothing seems to be wrong. There is no strange motor noise, no smell and everything seems to be running smoothly. I see the capacitor and it appears that he may have replaced my capacitor, but I'm not 100% sure. He says with the temporary relief, I must check it every hour to make sure the ac is coming in otherwise if the air stops, I may damage my air compressor outside. Everything is running perfectly fine when I got home. He's coming back tomorrow to replace the blower, capacitator, and wheel.

Now, I have an electrical engineering degree, I know when a motor is burnt or not working. We worked with electrical motors back in school. My day job doesn't allow me to go figure out whats wrong with my ac unit. I'm putting 2 and 2 together and it doesn't make sense.

Can anyone shed some light on what is a "temporary relief?" Am I just being paranoid or should I be trusting his "expert" diagnosis?

thx in advance!
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May be the blower is in its last leg. He put in a big capacitor to force it run. Tomorrow, he will put a new blower and the right size cap in. I am just guessing. usually the blower will last more than 8 years unless he saw something wrong with your blower(that can be tested with a meter, you are the expert, you should know if the motor is so hard to start and on its way out. but I am not sure this is the case)
One thing he said was correct, if your blower
stops, don't run your outside compressor alone. Good luck to you, hope some other folks can provide you some comments.
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Agreed, you may have had a bad or weak cap and he replaced it to get the blower running. The blower may be pulling high amps and he is suggesting replacing it now before it fails. I can't say why he wants to replace the wheel. Have you asked him?
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I do not see a reason for replacing the blower wheel unless the tech is unable to get if off the shaft without damage, which seems unlikely being the unit is only 8 years old.

Remove the fan door on the furnace, let the fan motor come to a complete stop and put your hand on it to feel the temperature, if it is hot, you may have a motor on its way out, it should be warmer than room temperature but not so hot as to be uncomfortable to the touch, then put the fan switch at the thermostat to the on position, hold the door switch in to allow the motor to run, let it run for 1-2 minutes, then take amp readings of the motor, also, check the capacitor ratings and post here. I will see if it is the same as the factory spec'd capacitor.

Diamond 80 York, I am assuming 80,000 btu, 1200 CFM blower?
Capacitor should be 7.5 Mfd/370V and the motor is 1/3 Hp drawing 4.8 amps; but depending on the exact model and year of manufacure, some had 1/2 Hp blower motor at 6.8 amps but used the same 7.5/370V cap.

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