Hot room end of the line-mold in handler

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Hot room end of the line-mold in handler

I recently married again and officially moved in 7 months ago, I like it really cool, that I know will cost me. When I say cool, I used to keep it below 70 however, with most of us trying to keep our planet and our wallets in better harmony, I keep it around 75 but with the a/c unit which is ample in size and a high efficiency it doesn't seem to remove all the humidity first of all... second, when I moved in, I pulled the panel, saw daylight up to the attic when I shined a flashlight through the air handler located in the closet! I also noticed it was black mold and I sprayed it with a bleach and water mix then rinsed the coils, made sure they were clean, made sure the drain which was also clogged and had water in the pan ... I sucked the water out, cleaned the drain, and make sure I change the filter every few weeks with a real good filter to catch any dirt that adds to the growth of mold.

I know the fiberglass trunk once it gets wet and moldy it is extremely hard to stop the re-growth and you can't spray mold spray on it for health reasons.

My questions are ... what can be done about the mold re-growth, and I also have a ranch style and the handler is on the left of the house, left two bedrooms get like the arctic circle which I love since I am there, it does not have return vents and the doors offer little return circulation so if you close a door, the air virtually stops. I would also like to add some sort of return vent for the air the most efficient way to equalize the pressure without making it a major project.
The other end of the house has a bedroom converted eons ago from a garage and even though it gets air from the vents, and there IS insulation, it gets toasty in there. A variance of 7 to 8F can't be right.

So I want to prioritize what to do... insulate the attic, it too is thin and old. I have married a huge project... ooops, married and gotten a huge project with this house.

The a/c by the way is ice cold from the other vents and we did install metal dampers in the attic to cut the flow so it diverts it to the back of the house which before summer helped a little.


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Mold in the duct board can be taken care of. There are coatings that can eliminate it. Any good HVAC system cleaning company should be able to do this. Poor cooling in the addition will be from poor duct design. Have a heat load done on the home so you know how much air you need.
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Couple of questions:
    Depending on the duct layout, adding returns is a simple process and helps a great deal. Depending on when the home was built and if it was originally designed to allow for A/C will determine where to add returns.

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