inside and otside fan runs no cooling


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inside and otside fan runs no cooling


I have a trane heat pump XE 1000. A couple of months ago the outside unit would not start and the service tech replaced a capacitor and put in a hard start kit and added a bit of coolant. All seemed fine until today, a really hot day here for this time of year, when I had no cooling

The inside fan runs and the outside fan runs but I donít know how to tell if the compressor is also running. What are some possibilities if the compressor is running but I have no cooling? Or if the outside fan is running but the compressor is not.

Iíd like to have some notion of what I might be dealing with before calling in the tech again.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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When the heat pump kicks on, you'll hear roughly 3 to 4 different sounds. First will usually be the contactor sucking in, sounds like a snap almost. Second and third will be the fan motor and the compressor, these happen at the same time. The compressor will usually sound like an angry errr errr errr humming type sound but Trane may have decided to seal your compressor compartment or put a jacket over the compressor so it'd make less noise.

If you have outdoor lights, it would be a good time to turn them on to gauge if they dim a whole lot if the compressor doesn't kick over. If they look like they're going through brown-out loss of power for more than a second or two, then your compressor isn't kicking over but isn't blowing the breaker either. Usually you can hear a different kind of hum from the compressor if that happens.

Try turning off the thermostat, pull the service disconnect, turn the thermostat on, put in the service disconnect and listen to how the heat pump starts up. Just make sure you can put the disconnect in in one shot. Don't put it in half way, get it to run and pull it out to try again. Practice with the t-stat off if necessary but if the compressor is running, it will like you better if you don't abuse it by turning the power on and off to it very quickly.

Figure out if it's running, because the list of possibilities is very long on the 'If it's not running' column.
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The fact that the tech replaced the cap and added a hard start combined with what you say would lead me to believe the comp is not running.

But you need to verify as "Mad" said.
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For a homeowner like me, touching the compressor (for warmth) would be easier than identifying the compressor sound.

By the way, what is a hard start kit?
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By the way, what is a hard start kit?
The hard start they are referring to is a SPP-6, its a booster cap that piggy backs onto the comp cap to give it a little extra umff on start up. Used as a band aid for an old and tired compressor.

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