Xe1000 runs aux heat allmost all the time?

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Xe1000 runs aux heat allmost all the time?

Hi all, new to forum. We purchased a house about a year and a half ago. It has a somewhat hodgepodged Heat-pump system. I am no HVAC expert, but pretty familair with the R22 Freon cycle from a theoretical perspective and pretty good at electrical t/sing. The problem is that the Aux heating strips run almost all the time it is in heat mode. Shortly after moving in, I installed a White-Rodgers programmable t-stat. Everything ran fine. Towards the end of last summer, A/C quit. Quickly t/sed it and foudn the main relay was not pulling in. I changed the control board, as relay was not getting the signal to pull in. A/C worked fine from that point on. Everything seemed well, except I noticed all winter the aux heat always ran. This hit me hard when I got the first electricity bill! could not t/s cause I was gone so much last winter. Ran all summer in A/C mode great - no issues and plenty cold. Now that cooler temps on coming in, ran heat last night and it did the same exact thing. T/sed a little more and here is what I am seeing: 1. the compressor will kick on for a while on start-up, the lines get hot (large suction very hot, small h/p warm.) I can feel typical Heat-Pump heat coming out of the vent (have not probed it yet with w/a thermocouple, but will do so tonight.0 2. After about 5-10 minutes, the aux light comes on, the signal to the compressor (24 v on t-stat) is still present, but no compressor. Lines get cool, supplied air gets warm cause strip heat is working 3. Once temp is attained the t-stat will turn off the aux heat, but the airhandler fan continues to run. This cycle will go all night long with the outside (condensor) fan never shutting off. The t-stat is clearly sending the signal to run the strip, but not certain why - where does it get its signal from? Here is another potentially valuable piece of info: The air handler and compressor/condensor do not match, actually not even close. The HVAC guru we hired to come check out the system prior to purchase said it was "close enough" and "won't matter." What I mean by not matching is the compresor/condensor is 2.5 ton (IIRC) and the airhandler is 1.5 ton. My hypothesis is that either there is a bad sensor (and I know there are two thermistors outside) shutting the compressor down, or soemthing si not wired proerply. Is there something else that can cause the compressor to shut down, not run, and require the aux heat? I ahve nto checked for the 4 blinks on the control board in the outside unit yet, but will do that this evening. Could the compressor be getting too hot, and shutting down? Why would - or better yet how would- the t-stat know to turn on the aux heat? I tried unhooking the t-stat aux heat wire, it shut the heat down and began blowing cold, but the compressor never kicked back on again. Can (for the short term) I simply unhook the compressor signal in the t-stat and let it simply cycle the aux heat just to get us by for a few days? This is not happening at a time when I can spend $$, especially if I end up with another Guru who I ahve to pay hours worth of time to try and figure it out. I will put my guages on it this evening as well to check to see that pressures are as expected. Any information / ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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What is the make and model # of your t-stat?

What wires are all hooked up to on the t-stat?

And what are all the settings set to in the set up menu?
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Sounds like a low pressure cutout cycling off compressor as low freon . least a bad outside aux temp switch , call for service on preferably a warmer day................................

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