Can I increase A/C efficiency?


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Exclamation Can I increase A/C efficiency?

Can I increase A/C efficiency by continuous spay of water on the back condenser of window A/C??????
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This subject has been beat to death. Yes it will increase it but you will kill the coil. It will eat the coil out in a few short years.
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yeah but u could get a chemical that cleans the coils on condenser or another way would be to put something up that shades the unit but high enough not to interfere with the air.
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Where would you be getting this spray water? Is it free? Would you have to pressurize it with a pump?

You cannot go adding water treatment chemicals willy-nilly. Most are EPA registered and they are not free.

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chemicals u know, spray n foam and hose off. should be done once every few years
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Good God! As Airman said and Furd confirmed, Yes. But how much do you pay for water?

The answer to the question is YES, to a degree. Doing it is NO.

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If one has a choice, putting it in an east or NE window, rather than a west or SW window, might be a good move.
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Most window a/c use the water from the inside coil, and slings it at the coil to help cool it.

The the unit apart every year and back flush the coil clean, and make sure the water channel is clear going to the coil.
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Here we go again!

No, you can not apply a spray of water to increase a window a/c's efficiency.

This will over cool the condenser which will cause the unit to behave the same way as if it was undercharged of refrigerant.
You need to have the water spray controlled to respond to the unit's needs or have it precisely metered.

Then, you will ruin the coils and break the bank in the water consumption department which was supposed to be the point of the water spray!

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I think people get this idea from both the industrial chillers that use water and from cooling off a hot vehicle by spraying water on the radiator.

Two completely viable reasons to spray water on coils...but they don't apply to residential A/C systems.
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you should......

Originally Posted by 1230ss View Post
Can I increase A/C efficiency by continuous spay of water on the back condenser of window A/C??????
.....slide the inside unit out of the sleeve and take a good look at the INSIDE part of the outdoor coil. most window units suck air through the sides and discharge out the back so the real dirt will be inside the unit. Carefully tip the unit a few degrees up and use a good cleaner and garden hose (on the coil only) and you'll be surprised how much c**p comes out. dry for a while and re-install. if all else is ok , you'll be surprised at how good the unit will put out.....JackBeer 4U2

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