Windows Unit IN Garage ?

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Windows Unit IN Garage ?

Hello all, I'm kinda new this stuff so please let me know if I mess up. I have read over ALLOT of the postings in here and would have thought FOR SURE that this would have been in here, but no dice...

This is a problem that I am not sure I can fix, so I figured that there are so many more people out there that are FOR SURE smarter than I am so here goes.

I have a HOT garage that I would like to be able to use more often. I can not go out there during the summer because it is REALLY HOT. I have recently added insulation in the ceiling. (It did not have an "attic" I just cut a hole large enough for me to get through and put down some rolled type insulation.

Anyway, like most garages mine has the small vents towards the bottom one in front and one in back.

I have been looking at buying a portable air conditioner unit but have seen that they are REALLY expensive for me, as well as some if not MOST of the Regular Windows AC units have a larger BTU rating, and are less expensive, as well as the window units are BY FAR more energy efficient.

So my questions start with :

1. Can I use a Window A.C. unit INSIDE my garage. (I think I understand that the air intake is on the back as well as the heat venting but honestly am not 100% for sure.) I was thinking that if I were to make a frame for the AC unit, and make a duct type passage that encloses all of the back so that it vents out the small garage opening that it would work, and I would not be putting the heat BACK into the same room I was trying to cool.

Does this "plan" have any merit ? What would be the problems of trying this. How can this be done WITHOUT cutting a hole in the garage.


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The AC needs to go in a window or through the wall. The portables use a much stronger blower to push enough air through a small vent line to remove the heat.
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Besides what Ray says,.......

..... you really need to get better venting for the garage attic, besides the what I presume are only gable-end vents. With the venting, the best nartural venting (short of installing an electric attic fan, which you could also do) draws IN air through one set of lower vents through the attic and vent it out high on the attic. There are various ways. One cheaper way would be to cut a couple holes through the roof nd put in a couple turbine vents, and draw air in through the existing gable vents and out the turbine vents.

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