A/C Freezing up

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A/C Freezing up

I am having a problem with my Air Conditioning freezing up. I have the Thermostat set at 76. I am in Jacksonville, FL so it is quite warm out. I have flushed the drain line from the Air Handler and have scrubbed the coils and removed debris. When it freezes up, the coils in the Air Handler, the line from the handler all the way to the outside unit, and the compressor(I believe) all freeze up. I turn off the A/C and let it thaw put, and a few hours later I am in the same situation. The compressor was replaced last summer when I had tenants in the house. The house is only 10 years old. PLEASE HELP!!!
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The problem may just be a lack of air flow across the coil

make sure the fan in the air handler is rotating in the right direction, and make sure it is continually on.
After 10 minutes of running from a completely unfroze coil, feel the insulated suction line just outside of the cabinet. It should be cold enough to sweat water. If it's warm or ambient, it likely has a refrigerant leak and will adventually start to sweat and freeze but over a longer period of time. Some simple checks, are to check all the return ducts and make sure they are all open. Then, check all the supply ducts and registars and make sure they are open, check to see if a couch, rug, bookcase or suitcase is impeding the air flow. Make sure the doors in each room are open during this test. This will allow better better air flow in the event you have no returns in the rooms (using a hallway common return). If you have good airflow, and a continuous air flowing motor inside, then, there is the possibility that it may have been overcharged...

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