need help with a heat pump's non-stop fan motor


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need help with a heat pump's non-stop fan motor

I have a York heat pump (or air conditioner, I'm not sure), model no. H1RA042S06A, serial No. EKFM339488, 4/R-22/10S, MFD 9/97. About a month ago, the air from registers was not cool and the fan of the outside heat pump stuck. The fan would start again if I used a stick to turn one of the blades. But it would stop again after a while. A technician found a leak in the evaporation coil in the inside unit, put in freon and offered to connect the wires to keep the motor fan running constantly until it stopped ($400 for Freon and $189 for leak test). I agreed because the technician told me I needed a new system anyway(inside and outside units). The fan motor did stop working and the air was no longer cool. A new technician replaced the fan motor. I've had cool air again but forgot to tell the technician to reconnect the wires to stop the fan motor from running constantly.
I'm a DIYer. I had charged R12 and R22 freon in my cars and my previous house before (of course prior to the freon ban). I had also installed new electrical circuits in my house. I have few questions and I appreciate if you can answer them:

1). what did the first technician do to make the fan motor to run constantly? Knowing what he did I think I can fix it myself and save me probably $200.
2). how long approximately a fan motor can run non-stop?
3). is it OK for me to remove the outside contact of the heat pump to rest the fan motor few times a day to make it works longer?
4). my air handler is 13 year old, should I replace its leaking evaporation coil or the air handle and outside heat pump together (about $10K for both)? and
5). how much it usually costs to replace an evaporation coil?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I have never heard an AC tech repair the fan that way. he let the fan run all the time, of course a few weeks later you need a new fan motor. In fact, I think all you need is a capacitor at the begining, your fan was OK. I don't know about the freon part, are you sure he checked your evaporator for leaks (questionable)... My advice, don't never call him again ! All he wants is to sell you a new system. He aimed at that $10k.. 1)He bypassed the contactor. 2) You already know. 3) yes. 4)I would not replace the whole thing yet, but that is up to you. 5)evaporator should cost you around $1200-$1800 depends on where(which city) you are.

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