Air Ducts

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Air Ducts

I recently read in Al Gore's book Our Choice, that HVAC ducts can be a significant source of heat/cooling loss in a home. I believe my ductwork and hoses, which are exposed and accessible, in my basement are leaking a lot. When the A/C is running, it's like a meat locker in the basement, and in the winter, the basement is fairly warm when the heat is running. The hoses are 6" foil and some have holes. Would it be a good idea to replace these with insulated hoses? And as far as the sheetmetal ducts, what is the best thing to use to seal these up?
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You will never see any real savings if it is in a conditioned space. If in a crawl space or atick then yes do it
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I think you may see some benefit in the level of comfort. Especially if the basement is hotter/cooler than desired, and if other parts of the home are not where you want them to be as far as comfort. I wouldn't be concerned with insulating the ductwork at this point. If you decide to, you should be able to buy insulation you can put around your current stuff. Right now, go around and seal all the joints with duct sealant for large cracks and foil tape for small cracks.
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the first thing you should do is stop reading anything from Al Gore..
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Originally Posted by drivebytrucker
the first thing you should do is stop reading anything from Al Gore..
LOLOLOLOL I have lost all respect I ever had for the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!
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Some foil tape on any holes is all I'd consider doing
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You must believe him. After all, you would not be reading this if he had not invented the Internet. LOL
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Is your basement heated/cooled? If it is not and it is like a meat locker than you most surely have air leaking from your duct.

Check where the supply lines come off the trunk. Peel back the insulation and check for leaks. If leaking go to Home Depot/Lowes and get some duct sealing paste and apply it to these joints.

Duct tape is good for 1001 things but not to seal off duct leaks. It will not hold and eventually fall off. Use sealing paste...

Hope this helps with your problem.

If your basement is air conditioned/heated try closing off your registers off some to correct the problem.

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Ole Al predicted this global warming thing man and its hot out thar boy. I would seal the duct so that the air is directed to where it is designed to go it will definitley make you more comfortable in your crib until of course 2010 hits and the mayan calender expires then none of it matters Right?

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