14 seer condensor


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14 seer condensor

can i replace a 10 seer condensing unit with a 14 seer unit without changing the A coil,both are R22
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No they must match or you will have many issues down the road. A coil is very cheap so this can;t be about money
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Yes, assuming that both are for R-22. The evaporator doesn't "know" the SEER rating of the compressor - it only "knows" the flow rate and pressures of the refrigerant that it is presented with. The compressor and the evap should have the same ton (Btu/hr) ratings.

Now, if there isn't a perfect match between the compressor and the evap, maybe the overall system SEER will be less than 14. If that bothers you, replace the evaporator.
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They 'will' charge a considerable amount to install a new evaporator coil. Always make sure it has a TXV metering device.

Even if the old coil has a TXV, it won't be as efficient as a new matched coil.
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I've done it many times and it has worked every time. You may not get the higher efficiency but you will get cold air. I would just stick with the basic 13 seer if I was you.
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It'll work fine. Just make sure it is designed for R22 and has the same BTU rating as the one it's replacing. As others have stated you won't see the full benefit of the SEER rating without the matching coil so buy on price and not SEER rating.

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