Long, but please read -help needed!

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Long, but please read -help needed!

No cold air - tech #! refilled freon, did not check for leaks. A month later, no colds a/c - new company diagnosed my lack of cold air as a freon leak - pipe at outside of unit frozen over, freon had been refilled a month before. I did not see him use any tools to determine source of leak, but he decided based upon his inspection (lack of oil in certain common areas for leaks) that the leak was in the evaporator coil $1500 repair and ac seemed to be working....BUT....3 days later blowing lukewarm air again. New tech (same company)took some pressure readings at the condensor, said he saw telltale oil stains, and that leak must have actually been at the condensor - he would put in some extra freon at the outside unit to tide us over till the next day for repair. The next day tech $3 (same company) determines there is no leak at outside unit, the compressor is locked for some other reason and they can put in a new compressor with no labor charge but I will need to pay for the part $500, I noticied they also added a liquid drier bottle thing outside. Unit works for four days, now there is no cold air again. Outside pipe made of copper that is supposed to be cool and leaking water is warm to the touch, everything else seems to be running best I can tell, air from compressor warm, fan blowing.

Sorry this is so long, but my questions are.... what is really wrong with my a/c? IWhich tech messed up? Is this company ripping me off? Help please!!
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The "tech" who diagnosed a bad evap coil without verifying it with at least a good leak detector definately IMO ripped you off. For that kind of money you were entitled to a better diagnosis.

As far as whats going on now it sounds like you still have a refrigerant leak or maybe the new compressor crapped out or something like a capacitor failed. I would try calling the company and let them know you are not happy and that you want the service manager to come check it out and make things right.

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