Possible Condenser Fan Problem

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Possible Condenser Fan Problem

I have a Goodman Gas Pack and for the past 4-5 days it has been cooling part of the time and blowing hot air part of the time. I checked it and noticed when it is blowing hot air the condenser fan is not running. I'm not sure whether the fan is just not starting at the beginning of a cooling cycle or cutting off during a cycle. I feel the problem is either the fan or the start/run capacitor. This fan has 3 wires, a purple, brown and black. The purple and brown go to the capacitor and the black goes to the compressor contactor.

1. How can I narrow this down Further?

2. Is it either the fan motor or capacitor???
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Check the capacitor for swelling or cracks. If you have an ohm meter, turn off power to A/C and discharge cap by shorting the terminals with an insulated screwdriver. Then remove wires from cap. Next, set the ohm meter to the 1K scale. Put one probe on each terminal. Meter should swing to the right and then slowly settle back to the left, if the cap is good.

Your problem does sound like the capacitor.
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test cap

first ...it goes to the 10K scale, this only applies to analog meters unless your meter has an analog bar scale on the bottom, and if it has that, it likely has a cap test option also. The addditional test is to see if a terminal is grounded. 1 lead on the shell and one lead on 1 terminal then test the other. This test the needle should not move at all. The fan bearing are likely toast. Stand there for ten minutes (using a watch) and listen for the fan slowing down here and there (the pitch), look to see if it has oiling ports (2) if so, oil the motor. When you spin the motor by hand does it coast freely without resistance. One test, is to amp the common leg (black) and compare it to the nameplate reading or data plate reading on the outside of the unit. What do you have for a meter?
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you did not mention the age of the unit but if it is older than 5 years and everything else is good you will probably want to just go ahead and replace the fan motor and cap if you are doing it yourself (diy) it will not be a major expense and you will have peace of mind.

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