Coil doesn't work with current technology??

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Question Coil doesn't work with current technology??

I currently have a furnace with an A/C coil that has never been connected to a compressor. The furnace was installed in 2005 and I can only assume that is when the coil was installed.

I am getting quotes to have the A/C installed and have been told by one contractor that the coil is to old and will not work with the new compressors. It this true? What has changed? Are the coils not just copper tubing?

Any help would be appreicated.

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The pros will check in when they can. Probably busy after a long - and hot in my area - weekend.
The problem, I think, is that the refrigerant type has changed. It may require higher pressure than your "A" coil can handle. You cannot get a new compressor with old technology.
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Pretty sure I've seen it stated that you can still get some types of old units...but they are few and far between and all old stock. Changing the coil should be a relatively small part of a quote for a new system and probably very worthwhile as you won't get the efficiency that the new units would have.

Does it have a lineset installed? Or is it just the coil sitting there with no tubing attached?

btw...2005 isn't that far could already be for the newer refrigerants. You should post manufacturer and model numbers of everything you can find on labels or nameplates.
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I had not thought about the coil not being able to handle the pressure. I guess that could be a possibility. I know that Freon is not used anymore, but I thought that change happened prior to 2005. I would have thought that someone would test it before just saying it needs to be replaced.

One contrator is saying they would need to put a chimney liner in, what is that for?

Sorry about not giving the make an model. I know better and am now at my desk hanging my head in shame. I don't know the model right now, due the fact that I am at work, I can post that later. I do know that it is a Goodman though.
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Thumbs up No shame here, only opportunities to learn!

Aside from the fact that there would be a different refrigerant used, the cost of a coil in relation to the labor and other components is very small.
It would not be in your or your contractors best interest to use old parts just for the warranty aspect.

It would seem to be a waste to not use the old coil but the mistake was made installing it in the first place.

You must be installing a new gas furnace if they quoted you on a chimney liner.

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