filter FPR rating/which one to use?


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filter FPR rating/which one to use?

I have two fairly new AC (one is Trane 13 sheer replaced in 2008 and another is Trane 15 sheer (new type of coolant) replaced in 2010).

Home Depot sells FPR rating 5, 6 and 7. There are huge differences in pricing. For example FPR 5 costs 2.50 a piece but FPR 6 or 7 costs 9.0 a piece.
If I use the most expensive, I need to buy 8 of them a year (every 3 months for two AC). that's $72.00. But least expensive ones will cost 1/3 of that.

I have been using FPR 7 which says if you are allergic to small particles, use it.
Since we are not allergic to anything, I'v purchased FPR 5 and wanted to start using these for cutting cost.

I went through my AC documents, they don't say which rating to use. Rather they say use the same filter which was provided by the installation dealer. For me, they didn't even provider filters.

So I wonder if FPR 5 is sufficient for my AC (TRANE)

I appreciate any comments.
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FPR is a made up rating system buy the manufacturers. The true rating is MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). SO I am not sure what to tell you. Typically a merv 8 is a decent filter, much more than that in a 1" thick filter is too much.
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thank you for your reply. I checked the label of two types of filters I bought. But I could find merv rating anywhere.
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Hi, I needed ac filters and I normally buy the disposable ones rated FPR 5. But I came across (Home Depot or Lowes / can't remember which) a reusable / washable filter that will last for years with a MERV 8 rating. I took them both home and googled MERV RATINGS and found out that the reusable filter with the MERV 8 rating is a way better filter than the disposable one of FPR 5 that I have been using. I will be returning the disposable filters back to Home Depot. By the way, I use 20x20x1. You didn't mention the size you use. But I would check to see if there is a reusable / washable filter in the size you need because not only will you save money but get a better filter to boot. I read that the disposable filters normally range in merv ratings of 1 to 4 because they will not stop particles smaller than 10 microns. You only need to hose off the reusable filter and let dry and put back in its slot. If you want to read about it, google MERV RATINGS and choose Furnace Filters|Air Conditioner Filters|Home Air Filter Replacement|Pleated Air Filter|Electrostatic Furnace Filter

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I use a filter equivalent to a MERV 8. I buy them in 3 packs (green carboard packaging) for about $10 for 16x25 filters at HD. They are a 1" pleated paper filter. - no problems for 5 years and cannot think of a reason to find something else (I have 2 huge long haired black cats and shedding on furniture is more of a problem than any dander. - I am also slightly allergic to some seasonable pollens).

I onspect them monthly, but do not aways replace them at the time).

I run my fan constantly during the heating system and set it on auto for A/C.

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I use the same as Concretemasonry. I have 2 HVAC's and change them every 3 months and they work fine. I did have a house in the past with an electronic filter that you placed in the dishwasher but never really was that impressed with it. My home boss is very good at telling me if she is unhappy having to dust the place so much and with these ones things have been quiet. That alone is worth the $24 a year.
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Washable filters are very hard on a system and do a very poor job at filtering. Do not use them!

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