Age of split central air unit

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Age of split central air unit

I recently purchased a foreclosure.
It sat empty for 2 years.
The air handler blows but the compressor did not turn on.
I noticed two wires coming out of the compressor had been cut or weed whacked.
I reconnected the color coordinated wires and the compressor now engages.
The unit seems to be working fine, i.e. thermostat, on/off, heat/cold,condensation visibly coming from the outside drain and no water accumulation inside.
The outside and inside unit have been cleaned by me but not serviced by a professional.
The air coming out the vent closest to the handler is cool/cold but not as cold as my window unit.
How cold should the air be?
How long should it take to get to that temp?
How can I tell how old the unit is?
How do I know the seer value?
How do I verify the ton size?
Once I have this information, I would be very comfortable having a tech service it if need be.

date code 130
Ge model BGWE424G1F01
60 cyl
1 phase 230 volt
blower motor 1/4 horse

I have never had a split unit before and am ignorant to their operation.
Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks, Lonnie
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Not really my area of expertise but based on the date code of 130 I would guess it was manufactured the 13th week of 2000 or late March to Early April of 2000. Based upon the model number I would guess that it was rated at 24,000 BTUs or two tons. I could be completely wrong about either or both of these guesses.

The temperature split, the difference between entering temperature and leaving temperature is dependent upon the relative humidity in the room and the initial temperature in the room. It's been several years since I have dealt with a mini split and I don't recall any circumstances where the air blowing out of the unit was really cold so your unit may be working just fine. As for your other questions, I haven't a clue.

Edited to add: I mistakenly thought you had a mini-split unit but now see it is a standard central unit. Generally central units do not blow as cold as window units. I can measure 30 degree splits on my window unit but few central units will exceed about 25 degrees under the best of conditions and 15 to 20 degrees, depending in the relative humidity, is fairly normal.

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date code 130
Ge model BGWE424G1F01
60 cyl
1 phase 230 volt
blower motor 1/4 horse
Not my expertise either, but didn't Trane buy out the GE air conditioning business in late 80s or by early 90s? I am thinking that could be a 1990 date code, but don't know for sure. You might try looking at the condenser fan motor and getting a date code from the motor label, but the motor could have been changed. could email Trane customer service, maybe they can provide some information. Might even try calling a Trane dealer because it sounds like you need a service call on the unit anyway. Last thought, let a pro answer your question, they should be along soon.
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Trane purchased GE air conditioning division in 1982 so nothing from GE was produced after that. SO its very old and very inefficient.

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