Doubling up Vents in one room.

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Doubling up Vents in one room.

Hi everyone,
I'm a 3D graphic artist who works from home. I just set up a new office in a spare bedroom and turned the closet into a "command center" housing 3 computers who are constantly being pushed to the limits. Needless to say, the heat being generated is pretty substantial. I would say on average this room is 8-10 degrees hotter than the hallway just outside the door.

I have central air, and if I look in the attic above the offcie, I can see a 6" flex tube coming off the main duct to the vent in the office. Basically, I want to duplicate that exact same thing 6 feet over above the closet for two reasons 1) Cool down the room in general 2) More important, get some cool air to the CPUs so I can hopefully add a few years of life to them.

The trick is, I want it in such a way that I can close that secondary vent completely (either from the room, or from the connection to the main duct) in the winter so no heat is pumping in the closet.

I've never worked with duct-work in the past, so I'm a little green to the area. What materials/tools/advice would I need to accomplish this task.

Any help would be appreciated.
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What gets rid of heat better than a duct that pushes air, is a duct that sucks air out the top of the closet. things you need are a 6 in flex, insulated preferably. 6 inch collar, that goes onto the plenum on the furnace, a 6 inch boot holds the flex on the ceiling, you will need to buy the boot and see if you have an area above the closet where it can be put without hitting any wood. then you trace the bottom of the boot onto the ceiling, cut the hole with a sheet rock knife...and well ill let you catch up and ask questions if u have any
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Here is a simple solution I would do if it was myself.

I would look at a ceiling mount vent like you would find in most homes connected to the HVAC system. Get one that can be closed off (built in slide shutter?). Connect this to a 6" insulated duct and route through the attic and out like a bathroom vent. In the door of the closet, install a large vent/grill near the close to the floor. This will be a passive (no power required) setup that will draw cooler air in the door vent and allow the heat to rise out the ceiling vent. Come winter, close the slider and you are done. The set back is it won't move as much heat as an active system.

If the passive method is not enough, install and inline exhaust fan in the ducting. It's draw backs is the requirement for power, and if turned off, the fan will reduce the passive cooling capability.

Personally, I would go the passive method I mentioned and from there, see how things work.

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