outside a/c fan stopping spinning, makes noise though.

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outside a/c fan stopping spinning, makes noise though.

1) Fan was making very loud rattling sound, off and on for 3-4 days.
2) One morning, the fan started alternating between rattling, and not spinning at all.
3) An hour later, I heard the motor fire up and begin whirring loudly, but the blades would not spin.

From my web research (dangerous, lol), I hear most of the it's the capacitor not having enough juice to start the blades spinning, and if you can "jump start" or "push" the blades to start it up, that's usually the problem. Other possibilites are contacts are gunked up/not closing, or fan motor.

I'm sadly going to guess that in my case, it's the fan motor/bearings, since it was rattling so violently before finally crapping the bed.
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I would say that's a good bet. You should replace the cap at the same time you install the new motor. The motor supply place should be able to help.

Be very careful removing the fan. Don't bend any blades or remove any balance clips that may be on it.

If necessary...use lots of a rust penetrant like PB Blaster and heat if required. Beating or pulling with excessive force can damage the hub or blades and then you'll be ordering a new fan.
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Actually the best way to remove a really stuck fan from the old motor is to use a penetrant, then take the whole thing and set it in a vise with the fan hub resting on the jaws (not clamped in). Then take a small round punch (or any piece of hardened steel that is smaller than the motor spindle - a 1/4" deepwell socket for example), center it on the motor spindle inside the hub, and give it a good whack (and watch your feet!). The motor should fall free.
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Actually the best way is with a puller designed for the job!

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