Whole House A/C Freon Leak - Help Please

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Whole House A/C Freon Leak - Help Please

Hi, I joined the forum in hopes that someone can advise me.
My system was installed new, in March of 2009. I have had no problems with it until 2 weeks ago.
Let me preface by saying that I had just changed the filter at the end of July, and that I've been really good about changing it monthly.
Aug 6th I realized that no matter what temp I set the living room thermostat to, the system was running continuously, and was not bringing the temperature below 75 degrees.
I changed the batteries in the living room thermostat, thinking that that must be the problem - but unfortunately it wasn't. The problem persisted.
Aug. 7th I called the company that I purchased the system from, and who did the install, and they came out the next day, Aug. 8th.
The tech was here for an hour and 1/2. He determined that I had lost Freon, and told me that although he'd had to add 3lbs, he was only going to write me up for 1lb.
Thinking he was doing me a favor, I paid the $215, my system was once again working, and when I asked why I lost the Freon to begin with, he went on about how that sometimes happens, and left the impression that "these things happen".
Well, last evening Aug. 22 I once again realized that regardless of the setting, we weren't getting any cooler. I took my digital meat thermometer and stuck it in a vent, and it registered 72 degree air coming out.
I shut off the system, opened windows, etc, and this morning I called them again.
They are coming out tomorrow morning, and it will be the same guy, plus one other. In talking with the woman on the phone today, she described my previous problem as a "small leak", "hard to find" - I asked what she based that one, and she explained that it was because I had only needed 1lb of freon. I asked for clarification, and she said, "Well, if you'd needed 3 or 4 lbs of Freon, that would mean a big leak", "easy to diagnose".
Well, well, well. Two weeks ago, I HAD needed 3lbs. of Freon...so - a LARGE UN-REPAIRED LEAD two weeks ago?
Help! I fear I'm being scammed.
What should I do, and or say tomorrow? How should I handle this?
I'd be grateful for ANY info, &/OR suggestions.
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Take 2 weeks for you to notice the leak. It is not a big leak, but it is not a small one either. You need to ask them to find the leak and fix it. this may cost you money. not much you can do, the leak has to be fixed. (probably from several hundred dollars to 2 thousand depends on where the leak is)
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If you've lost enough freon in just two weeks that your A/C is not working in my book thats a big leak. Since you purchased the system only three years ago any major part like a coil should be under warrranty. They need to find and fix the leak period
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First of all, DONT PAY A DIME. Don't you dare pay one more penny to these guys. Not because they are crooks or scams but because you bought the system from them.
They are going to come back tomorrow and tell you they found the leak. If it is in the evaporator coil then they MUST replace it. If they say it is in the evaporator coil you tell them "Now I know because its in the evaporator coil, that this problem is not your fault, but Its not my fault either" They might try to make you pay for it, if they do insist that because the coil is under warranty you will not pay anything. But be nice, you don't want to piss these guys off.

Now if the leak is located anywhere except the coil, then you will demand, (nicely) that this is simply their fault and that they will fix it for free.
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All sounds good but standard in the HVAC field is one your on labor. You are going to have to pay for it no matter what the issue is. Parts should still be under warranty.
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Follow-up - Whole House A/C Freon Leak - Help Please Read more: http://www.doit

Thanks for your replies. Tech's came today, and here are the results at this point:
  • determined that I hadn't lost freon after all
  • gauges show correct pressure
  • temp of air coming out of vents is 69 degrees - not cold enough to meet the set temperature on the thermostat - so system keeps running non-stop.
  • cleaned the outside Guard Coil - result? No change
  • checked the specs on the amount of freon in the system - based on length of the lines (8 feet) - result? I have the right amount.
  • Opened up the evaporator coil, and discovered ICE on the lower portion. (this on the 2nd trip to my house in 2 weeks) (this was not looked at the 1st time)
  • Decided that I "might" have a bad TXV valve
Is it "Normal" for this process to be such a "hunt & peck" process? Aren't there actual DIAGNOSTICS that would determine the CORE/ORIGININATING problem?
Thanks for your thoughts & help
also - I pulled the paperwork - and the system was installed 3/29/2010 - so it's only 2 years old.
Lastly, isn't it true that even if the system is under warranty (it is, I have a 10 year warranty), that that warranty only covers the parts? I will still have pay labor costs, yes?/no? - Again, it's a York Affinity Series - here's the warranty:
Q:What is covered in my warranty?

A:All York® products come with a written limited warranty on parts. This warranty states that a replacement part will be furnished for any part of the product that fails in normal use and service during the applicable warranty period specified in accordance with the warranty's terms. Your authorized York® Dealer can review with you the warranty periods for the products you select.
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A bad TXV is certainly possible from what you are describing. The part should be under warranty but what they will probably do is more than make it up by charging extra for the labor, being that they system is over a year old. From what I've seen the extended warranties on parts do little to save the homeowner any money. The original over $200 that they charged you for freon was likely unneeded as well. Because if there is no leak they now probably over charged the unit and had you pay for it. I would insist they at least credit you that money back. Good luck.

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