? Weird Reason My Unit Isn't Working? Your Advice SOOOO Needed!


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Unhappy ? Weird Reason My Unit Isn't Working? Your Advice SOOOO Needed!

Central AC Unit Blowing Warm Air - Could It Be Clogged Up?
I have a York single unit, dinosaur, outdoor heat pump. I recently spread Diatomaceous Earth Dust throughout my home to kill bugs. I had to wash the reusable return filter twice due to dust, and vacuumed out the return duct as much as I could. I also sprayed and cleaned the coils on the unit outside (I cleaned it for normal maintenance.)

It's been a week now since I eradicated the dust, and cleaned the outside unit. Now, the ac is blowing warm air.

Is there somewhere else I need to check to see if it needs cleaning? Or, how do I go about doing some basic troubleshooting? I HAD a multi-meter...now I'm wondering if a jerk I know might have stolen it. That might have come in handy, right?

I cannot afford to call a service company right now. Your kind advice is what I will have to work with.

Additional Details:
I flipped and reset both sets of breakers - in the house, and outside by the unit. I turned the unit back on with the thermostat. The stat said "Wait" but eventually the unit did power on. The large fan is running. I'm not sure, but maybe the unit doesn't sound as loud as usual. I took the service panel off and there is no obvious charring anywhere on any connection. While at the unit, I heard a clicking noise several times, and believe it was coming from underneath the fan - where I believe the compressor might live. Should I detach the return duct at the unit and see if there is an accumulation of that powdery dust there? I hate to if I don't need to - that's alot of work for a girl! Or, does that clicking noise mean something?

Obviously, if I could find that dang multimeter it would come in handy. But, is there a way to diagnose anything without one?

I realize my obvious amateur status, and no meter, might irritate those of you who actually "have it together."

However, if you have patience, and a charitable, kind heart, maybe you'll take pity on my cluelessness...if you do, thanks alot!
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Simplest thing to do right now is to touch the two copper lines at the outside (condensing) unit. The larger line should be cool to cold but not frosted. The smaller line should be somewhat above ambient temperature but not really hot. You may have to move some pipe insulation to test this.
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