compressor really faulty???


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compressor really faulty???

The AC expert told me that I have to replace the compressor and some other parts, which I will mention later. As the repair is expensive I need to know for sure if the compressor is faulty and not something else. In this country, because of lack of skills they tend to replace everything on your cost.

This is what happened: I switch on the AC, it runs for a few seconds to a minute and than the auto circuit breaker switch off. I can repeat this several times and the result is the same.

The expert says: "The internal piston is damaged as the oil circulation is not good which affects the proper working of the piston. When it stops working and starts tripping the compressor requires a high amperage and will cause the circuit breaker to switch off" (my comment probable by an earth leak)

What he wants to do:
  • Install a new 3 phase Compressor (but no warranty, why?)
  • Replace the current magnetic relay for 3 phase.
  • Add an Capacitor to the new compressor, which is not in the diagram, see attached.
  • Freon - R 22 gas
  • Nitrogen
  • 3/8'' xFilter Steiner

I have tested the coils myself and measure between them T1-T3 etc 2.8 ohm?

My questions?
  1. Is it really the compressor?
  2. Is it normal they don't give warranty on the parts?
  3. Could they supply me a revised model or is repair of the compressor not possible?

The unit is 8 years old and is on for an average of 8hrs/day - 8 months a year. Its a Fujitsi General 17KW

I would appreciate your opinion of some real experts, thanks!

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It doesn't sound right to me. I'm not real familiar with fugi systems. I've heard they can a real pain and tech support is weak. A threee phase unit doesn't need a capacitor for the compressor. It sounds like the tech may think there is a problem with the oil returning to the compressor. This may be due to how the unit was installed. You should try and find someone who has alot of experience working on the fugi splits and get a second opinion.
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Just as apprentice said.... For a 3 ph compressor there will be no capacitor. My recommendation to you is to get someone else out there before this guy sucks you dry. He obviously has no clue what he's doing or he's trying to pull a fast one on you. I wouldn't want him anywhere near my house or business. It's people like him that give us service techs a bad name.
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Job done but Im satisfied?

Today they came and installed a new compressor. I was not able to find another company for a second opinion unless I had to pay them generously for the test and visit. The job has been done but I noticed they did only half the job. After I told them that there was no need to add a capacitor, they remove it from the quote.

My observations:

1) They didn't replaced the 3 phase switch which they said they would.
2) They didn't connect all wires and bypassed the fuse.
3) They removed the strainer and replaced it with a piece of pipe.
4) They left the gas canister and other rubbish behind.
5) They didn't isolate and tape the open gas pipe.

ps what is the function of the strainer? It seems that it was removed from system and replaced with a piece of pipe only, see the picture at 215 and 221.

I have attached the pics and would like to know your opinion if what they did is OK and minor or its a big issue?

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