AC running, but not cooling.


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AC running, but not cooling.

I'm a bit of a rookie at this stuff, so I apologize ahead of time if what I say doesn't make sense.

My AC unit is running, but it's not cooling the house anymore. This happened a few months back and after calling the AC guy out, it turns out the inside of the AC unit was VERY dirty and just needed to be cleaned. There was junk all over the coils inside the unit that was preventing cold air from getting in/out properly I guess. He cleaned it all up and it started working fine. Until about two weeks ago.

I got a call from my wife stating the the house was getting warm (about 82) and the AC wasn't cooling down the normal 78. When I got home, everything seemed to be fine. It happened again a few days later and then went away and started working again. Last night it seemed like it was happening again and sure enough today when I get home its 87 degrees. I went inside the unit and checked to see if it was dirty again, but no where near what it was before. The unit sounds like it is running fine inside and out, but its obviously not cooling. Short of calling AC guy, I don't know where to begin to troubleshoot it.

Any suggestions?
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Oh, I should add I changed the air filter just a few weeks ago and it is clean.
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While AC is running and not cooling, hand feel the 2 pipes, (one large, one small) at the outside unit. Do they feel cold ? warm ? or Hot ? Also, when the AC is running, do you know if the compressor is running ?

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