Rheem RXHF-B17 Filter Base


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Rheem RXHF-B17 Filter Base


First post -- I've tried asking my hvac installer this question, and didn't get a solid, unambiguous answer. I've tried Googling, and nothing.. I just sent Rheem a message with my question via their Contact Us page, who knows if I'll get a response.. so I decided to join up here and ask. Please bear with me.

I have a Rheem RHLL-HM3617JA hvac unit. It has an RHSL air handler, which sits on top of a RXHF-B17 filter rack, which sits on top of a perch in a closet, with the intake grill facing out into the hallway.

The unit is 2.5 years old, and so far is working great.

My questions:

This filter base has two slots. One is closer to the evap coils, the other is closer to the perch the unit sits on. My installer isn't sure which one the filter should go in. Which slot do I put the filter in? Top or bottom?

Also, to me, it looks as if this rack is supposed to take two 1" filters, on on top of the other -- but it was supplied with only one filter -- and as I said before, installer isn't sure which slot the filter goes on.

Any ideas? I've been using the bottom-most slot since I got the unit. Dust is a bit of a problem in this house, but given that it was a flip done by someone else, lots of construction was done before I even got it. The unit is pretty much as efficient as always, the t delta is around 15 to 17 degrees, and a peek at the coils doesn't show much dust. Yet it bothers me, the ambiguity of this thing -- not knowing for sure where to put the filter, or if it should be two filters.

Please see pic for detail.


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it does not matter which slot you use. NO, you should not put a second filter in.
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