What should the split temps be inside and outside?


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What should the split temps be inside and outside?

I realize it may vary and the larger the split the better, but is there a ballpark figure minimum for the desired split difference for the inside and outside? Are they suppose to match almost?

Thank you.
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split between supply and return inside should be 15-20F
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You size cooling equipment by the split between outdoor & indoor temps & the indoor humidity load & the summer design for your climate area.

Additionally, a room by room heat-gain calc needs to be performed to determine equipment & duct system design & sizing.

The indoor design target is normally 75-F & 50% or less relative humidity; the outdoor design temp will determine the sensible split; 90-F outdoors 75-F indoors is a 15-F sensible split, etc.

At 50% relative humidity, with tight ductwork, the indoor split at an airflow 400-CFM should normally be 19 to 21-F; higher humidity levels will result in lower indoor SA/RA temp-splits & higher condenser temp-splits compared to outdoor temps.

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