Mini Split AC/Heat Pump installation


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Mini Split AC/Heat Pump installation

Ok so I'm thinking about getting a mini-split ac/heat pump unit. I've been reading through the instructions of the model I plan on purchasing

(12000 BTU Mini Ductless Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 1 Ton)

and I had a few questions on the installation the mini-split ac/heat pump before I purchase it.

So far the simplified instructions (as I see it at least) are
1. Mount Ac disconnect outside
2. Run whip from ac disconnect to junction box (inside)
3. Connect junction box to 20 amp breaker in the panel
4. Drill 4 inch hole in foundation (between joists above my unit)
5. Run line set through hole
6. Run low voltage wire (can I use UF-B? or can it just be THWN wire in a conduit sleave? or use another conduit whip?)
7. Connect the indoor unit (Do I need a bender to get the bend in between joists?)
8. Run whip from ac disconnect to the compressor (connect the lines)
9. Connect the line set to the outdoor unit (cutting flaring the pipe to meet length needs)
10. Call UP HVAC guy to vacuum lines and release refrigerant

-How flexible is the line set for Mini Split Ac's ? (I can't drill a hole in the wall that the inside unit will be placed on because there is only solid earth behind it (basement wall) I would have to run the line set from the indoor unit up and between my joists and outside.

-Can I use 12/2 UF-B wire as my low voltage wire running from the outside unit to the indoor unit? (would that have to be placed in conduit sleeve or would I be better off using a whip?
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The lineset is flexible, you should not need a bender. The system in your link looks like it comes with the low voltage wiring, high voltage is not included. It (low voltage) does not have to be put in conduit.

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