ac unit trips breaker in the winter


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ac unit trips breaker in the winter

last night, i lost power all of a sudden in my mobile home in Iowa. the breakers inside the house were fine, but it was the outside breaker that was tripped. the utility company came and looked at it, and we came to find out that the air conditioner unit kept tripping. however, it's the middle of the winter - lived in the house for almost a year, never had any issues with this otherwise. we unplugged the ac unit outside, and left the breakers off, and now have power, but why would this have happened? as far as i know, the ac wasn't accidentally turned on, and hasn't been used in 4 months or so. Any ideas as to why this would have happened at THIS TIME of the year would be helpful.
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rodents could have eaten wire insulation and shorted the wires. Best thing to do is open the unit up and find out.

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