Weird register sizes


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Weird register sizes

I'm from the Twin Cities and I'm remodeling a townhome that was built in 1979. I've removed & replaced most of the old registers but I have two weird openings that I can't seem to find replacements for.

The first is a return air register. I took a quick measure and bought one that had the same nominal size as my measurements. Problem is, it doesn't completely cover the opening. There's about 1/4" all around. The new register that I bought is about 25-3/4w x 8"h. Would it be a big deal if I bought a bigger register, like 30x8, and used that? Any other thoughts?

Second issue.. I have some ducts that are 12"x2-1/4". Problem is, the only registers I can find are floor registers without any screw holes. I have one location that's on a stair riser and another that's on a ceiling. I did find a 12"x2" grille (Hart and Cooley 420) with screw holes, but it seems like that might be a little small. Ideas?
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Return get the bigger one. Supply drill your own hole.

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