RANT: Took 3 tech's to finally get on older system ice cold again. WHY?


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RANT: Took 3 tech's to finally get on older system ice cold again. WHY?

I've posted this issue before in here and most agreed I was slightly low on charge with just my simple temp measurements.

I have a 39 year old Carrier Compact system. It's been meticulously maintained throughout the years and is in excellent shape. However, I've noticed over the past 2 years that when the temps hit 90, I'm losing the cooling with a split of only 12 deg.

First tech last year told me it's an older system and he felt it was running the best it could for it's age. He further suggested I run it until it dies.

Second tech this year put his gauges on it, looked at the pressures and told me my perfectly clean condenser was clogged and I needed to use a specific acid based cleaner on it to get it running correctly again.

This week in NJ it's in the 90's again with lots of humidity. I'm blowing 62 deg air and it's running all day to maintain the temp in the house. At night when things cool down, I'm back to 55 deg air and a descent temp split.
I reached out to a buddy of mine who's a GC. He gave me his HVAC guys info and I gave him a call and explained my situation and gave him some numbers. Mind you this is the third tech to look into this for me. Right off the bat he tells me he can get me running much better, I'll see you in 1 hour.

Took him a total of 30 minutes at my house. He looked over the entire system, gave me the thumbs up as far as the condition was and put 12.8oz of refrigerant in the system. I'm blowing ice cold air and it's 93 degrees right now.

So why do so many techs either misdiagnose, not listen to a customer that is knowledgeable or simply attempt to up sell new equipment do to age? Really gives this industry a bad rap. But I'm happy to report that there still are honest guys out there.

The point here is to always get 2nd and 3rd opinions or quotes and a knowledgeable consumer (thanks to this forum) wins!
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But did he look for and fix the leak or give you an explanation other than a leak?
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According to the records I have on the system, it's never had refrigerent added in 39 years.
After his inspection we both agreed it was gradual loss over that time period, more then acceptable. There were no signs of a leak anywhere.
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The only acceptable refrigerant loss is zero; you most likely have a small leak.

It will happen again; 13 oz. of refrigerant is a fair bit for something that may only hold 3-5 lbs.
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You could have lost 13 oz when the previous tech put his gauges on and took them off. I have seen newbie's not be prepared not know how to get the hoses off quick enough.
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I've seen each tech spray a bit of refrigerant out as they connected their gauge set. The first guy that came last year, the one who told me it was "a little off" and wouldn't touch it because of it's age sprayed a pretty good amount out when he disconnected his equipment. Idiot...

Muggle, only in a perfect world. Keep in mind this old system has all compression fittings. The line set isn't soldered on either end. Given that and it's age, I'm doing pretty damn good!
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