Portable AC vs Window AC


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Portable AC vs Window AC

I have a Central AC. However, I don't want to turn that on since I live alone in in a 2300 sq feet house.

I was thinking of buying something to just cool a room. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages (Central AC vs Portable AC vs Window AC).

From your experience, should I get Portable or Window? And at what BTU?

Thank You
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All depends on room size, if the house is well insulated, condition of the windows, if your going to be trying to cool more then one room at different times of the day.
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If you can not put a AC on the window due to deed restriction, rent agreement, etc...use portable AC, otherwise use window AC. (If you want a quiet room, use mini-split.)
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Window units tend to be least expensive but require lifting the heavy thing into the window. Then there is the problem of securing it there and sealing the gap around it. A portable unit is a step up in cost but much easier to install since there is no heavy lifting. If considering one of them I would definitely go for a two hose style which are much more efficient. And lastly the best would be a ductless split system. It would be the most expensive and would require professional installation but it would also be the most professional and permanent solution.
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I am going to go with a portable AC.

A split system is ideal but if that is the case, I might as well turn on the Central AC.


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