Decreasing Portable AC Outside EXHAUST Noise?


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Lightbulb Decreasing Portable AC Outside EXHAUST Noise?

Hey guys, new to posting on the forum, but a frequent viewer. I picked up a really decent LG portable AC the other day. Got it home, all setup in my bedroom. Currently the air is being exhausted out the window.

The thing is, the noise outside can be quite annoying. Looking closer at the plastic "exhaust" peice that goes in the window, I notice that it sort of changes shape from a perfect circle, to an oval (skinny left and right side of circle if that makes sense) EX. O vs 0 - the zero is skinnier on the sides. My idea on this is that the air rushes down the exhaust tube and once it hits the plastic, creates noise due to the shape.

Im wondering if anyone has ever done any modifications to this plasic piece to decrease the noise level of the exhaust. As I think about it, I think maybe modifying the exhaust peice into the same shape as the exhaust hose may decrease the sound?

Sorry for the terrible explanation, I'm not really too sure how to explain it. The noise inside doesn't matter to me, I really just don't wanna be one of those neighbours with a noisy AC keeping everyone next door awake at night.
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Yes, you can make a new, round exhaust end for the hose.
No, I don't think it will noticeably make it quieter. It should be easy to test though by removing the oval window adapter and hearing what it sounds like with just the hose. I imagine the corrugated hose creates a lot of the flow noise.
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I have a portable A/C and it makes no discernible difference in the noise level if I use the obround connector or a perfectly round connecter. Walk over near your neighbor's house and see if the noise is objectionable. I would bet that you won't even hear it.
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Thanks for the quick replies guys! I will try running it without any adapter when I get home from work and see if that helps. I only worry because I live in a condo, so my neighbours are in close proximity to my window.

The corrugated hose making the noise is an interesting suggestion. I will deffinately look into this as well.
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