central air blowing warm air


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central air blowing warm air

I have central air unit for the second floor. Few weeks ago fan on the outside unit stopped spinning and on the second floor it was blowing hot air.
I called tech and he came and changed capacitor chat after hour the same thing happened. Tech came over and said it was fan. he changed fan and when he measured pressure on hi side it was too high and low side was too low. He put bigger motor and it looked like pressure became within range 150/200.an
When unit stops I can hear whistle sound from compressor. Low side is not too cold while high side very hot.

He told me that it is probably blockage inside coil and the whole coil needs to be changed ~2k for 2T.

Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks in advance for any help.
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First step is to get a second opinion.
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Again, get a second opinion of someone who knows what they are doing.
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Can someone recommend reliable hvac specialist in North NJ?
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change coil for 2k for 2ton unit. Basically, he is telling you to buy a new one. Sounds Fishy.

I would agree with the other two, get second opinion.

You should check HomeAdvisor.com for your area. They pick three AC companies and let them try to sell you their service.

I found lots of good technicians from there as well as a few dope heads.
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He also told me new unit would cost me more then 3K RUUD. I have problem believing him when he told theory about coil.
I wen upstairs and I can see some blue oily liquid in the pan under the unit. Also I can feel cold air blowing from unit enclosure in the attic.
I am call some local companies to see what they are going to say. I already paid 700 to replace motor and capacitor. He also put bigger engine in the condenser 1/5 instead 1/6.
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Simply appears to be a parts changer...when they start to want to change parts that will cost you 700$; never let them do it...get other opinions...

He is always guessing & making false assumptions; he does Not know how to troubleshoot a system.

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