AC Headache


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AC Headache

Hey everyone, long time utilizer of this site but first time poster.
So as the title suggests, ive recently run into some central air issues.
I suppose i will start at the beginning. A couple off weeks ago i notice that cool air wasnt coming through the vents at my home and that my house was rediculously hot, so i went outside to check out the unit and saw that my fan wasnt working. I seached the net for days trying to educate myself on air units which i previously knew nothing about. I narrowed it down to the capacitor and after reading up on a few how tos, i decided to give it a shot. Replaced it will relative ease but nothing changed. The inside fan would blow but the fan qouldnt kick on. After looking into it a bit more I learned all about the contactor so i ran outside to check that out. Turns out it want engaging and that was the problem, or so i thought. The unit would now kick in when i manually pushed and held the button in. So i atarted reseaching that but found out that most problems stem from the button getting stuck down and welding itself, not my problem of it not even engaging. A little more reseach told me i either had a low side wiring issue or a bad thermostat. I ran outside to check the wiring and alas, i found the frayed wire that was the culprit the entire time. I jiggled the wire a little back and forth and the fan kicked in and out. I was so happy.
So i went to home depot to grab a length of 18/2 to replace the bad section but before i did any thing, i kicker my fan on and noticed now it wont come on. Obviously i did something when i jiggled the shorted wire but im not sure what.
From what i gathered i could have tripped a fuse inside the furnace, which i have no idea how to locate nor replace, or i could have broke something inside of the furnace.
I have come a long way since a couple of weeks ago when i didnt even know what a capacitor or contactor were but i fear i dont know what to do next. I have put way to much effort in to give uo now so any help would be appreciated.
On a side note, but not nearly as important, does anyone have any trick for fishing the new 18/2 wire through the hole in my wall? The hole is really, really small.
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Welcome to the forums.

If you just a single broken wire you shouldn't have blown a fuse. If both the wires are bare and were may have blown a fuse if your system has one.

Turn off all power to the air handler and compressor unit and change the wire first.

Check the control board inside the air handler/furnace for a 3A or 5A fuse.
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Welcome Tony! To feed that new cable through the wall you might try stripping the insulation off both cables for a few inches and then securely twisting the individual conductors tightly together in a manner that will allow you to pull on the existing cable. Don't yank on the old cable as it might be stapled and if so you will have to remove whatever is in the way to pull the new cable.

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