Goodman condensing unit trouble


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Goodman condensing unit trouble

This is a 3 year old Goodman condensing unit which I had to have put in since the original unit, the compressor was ceased. For one year the unit was fine the second year, the fan would come on, not the compressor. A hard start was put in with a new capacitor. Now I have noticed that the compressor wont come on with the first contact, it takes a few times till it finally comes on. Do I replace the capacitor alone or the hard start needs to be replaced too? And it makes me wonder why with the hard start, I would have to replace the capacitor?And finally why does a unit need to have a hard start to begin with? Is that an indication of a defect in the unit? because I still have warranty left on this, Thanks before hand.
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Reciprocating compressors require a hard start when a TXV metering device is used ( i don't know if you have a txv or a recip compressor). A hard start is often added to prolong the life of a compressor by helping it start and lowering the LRA of the compressor.

If you are going to replace the capacitor then I would consider replacing the hard start as well. Either use an OEM hard start or one which requires a 3 wire hookup with separate start capacitor and potential relay.

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