Trane XE1000 AC unit not cooling


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Trane XE1000 AC unit not cooling

We live in a relatively mild summer climate and only use the AC about 1 week a year. Last year I used the unit and it was cool but not cold and the compressor fan had to be coaxed once. Still had water flowing through the discharge tube from the A-frame.

This year the unit started up and seemed fairly cool for the first hour and took out some of the humidity. Then it became warm. I noticed the outside fan was running but I swear I couldn't hear the compressor kicking in. The large and small tubes leading out were air temperature. On the smaller copper tube, as it leaves the unit to the house travels through a small expansion tank? and through a glass viewing window with what looks like a pressure indicator. This tube normally shows a liquid flowing but at the time was not. I shut everything off and tried it another day but I couldn't hear the compressor kick in. The contact was working. So I replaced the start capacitor for the compressor. In hind sight I think the compressor overheated and shut down. But why?

I can now hear the compressor running. The smaller lines on the outside units are heating up but the lines to the house are doing nothing. The air from the compressor fan is normal outside temp as well. The fluid through the "viewing window" is flowing as well. I checked the a frame in the house and it is very clean as well as the outside unit. Do I have a bad compressor, blockage, or low freon? When I cleaned the outside unit I did notice some oil rings in the water. I tested the lines with soapy water and ran the unit but no bubbles. I think they test for leaks with smoke after the freon is drained? Any thoughts?

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Questions: (1) Can you start the compressor all the time or not ? (2) When the compressor and the outside fan are running, what is the temperature of the small line ? what is the temp of the insulated large line ? (warm ? cool ? Cold ?) (3) Viewing window clear ?
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The small copper tubing that goes out of the unit and in to your house is the liquid line which should be warm/room temp. The larger one is the return suction line which should be cool/cold to touch. Also the air from the condenser (outside unit) should be warmer than surrounding air. Since you see liquid flowing in the sight glass that is good news. It could be low freon (most likely) or bad compressor in your case but need a manifold to check the pressure to confirm.
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All the lines to the house are just outside temperature as well as the air from the outside fan. Both fan and compressor now fire up when called for but won't shut off due to no cooling. So, I shut them down. The viewing window shows some flow of clear liquid, more like steady drops. The high pressure lines from the compressor going to the coils on the outdoor unit warm up and become almost hot but the fan doesn't appear to be dissipating any of the heat. No coolness anywhere in the system.

To ad if I remember right, last year I had water overflow in the drip pan below the A-frame unit inside the home. It seems the box was exceptionally cold.
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Your next step is to call in an HVAC pro to check operating pressures.
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My Trane XE1000 fan is not running. I can hear the humm..
I changed the dual capacitor 20/5 uf, there is another capacitor 4uf and the fan motor wire is connected to htis capacitor not the dual capacitor. Can anyone provide the wire diagram of fan motor, capacitors , contactor relay, defrost board..

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