a/c motor and blade issues


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a/c motor and blade issues

I bought a used and working motor to at least get through the summer season which is about over. My old motor had three wires and 3 blades. The wires are black, brown, and purple. The new motor has black, brown and orange wires and 2 blades. A square headed bolt is holding both blades on. I have loosened the bolts and can not get either blade off the shaft. They are somewhat rusted on the part of the shaft that is exposed at the end. Issue three is my motor has 4 bolts extending out the back (or top) of the motor and cap like nuts hold it in place. The new motor has holes on the side for mounting the motor. Is the black to black and brown to brown the proper hookup? And my purple and the orange both go on the capacitor which is where my purple wire was connected? Can a round bracket be bought to mount the new motor on my existing frame? How to get the blades off the shafts?

Both motors are GE, 1/6hp and 1075 rpm.
I assume (right or wrong?) the one with two blades will do the same job as the 3 blade.
I assume the purple wire and orange wire are the same(?) Black should be hot and brown on one motor should go to the same location on the capacitor as my brown motor.
So, I need a bracket of some kind to mount the new motor.

The red circles show the way these two motors are mounted.

There is a tool called a hub puller. Any other ideas?
Another issue will be how to get the proper blade back on the shaft. If a hub puller is required to take one off, then it does not sound like the new one will slide on there by itself.
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In all likelihood the collar where the fan blade attaches to the motor shaft is rusted onto the shaft, which is why it's not easily coming off. If you haven't done so already, try putting some penetrating oil (PB Blaster or equivalent) on the shaft so that it soaks into the area underneath the collar. Apply the penetrating oil several times over the course of a day and let it work. The next day, try removing the collar. If it still won't slide off the shaft, take a propane torch and heat the collar. However, don't heat the collar if the collar is attached to plastic (hard to tell from pictures, but may be plastic connecting collar to fan blades), as the heat could melt the plastic.

As for mounting the motor, you'll have to use some ingenuity. You may have to fabricate some sort of bracket. As for the wiring, I'm guessing that black and brown wires connect where they did on the old motor and the orange wire connects in place of the purple wire, however I can't say for certain.
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