Is it capacity?


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Is it capacity?

I have rental house (Texas Dallas area) of 1700 sqft. The AC is 3 ton and 10 years old. The ceiling is medium in height.

It seems for the hottest days, the temp can't drop below 80 degrees. Last year, there were a couple of days. At that time, I had an AC tech check it out and everything was OK.

Today (highest reached 106 degrees), tenant said that the temp couldn't drop below 80 degrees.

I begin to wonder if the AC is just undersized for a few hottest days in the summer rather than AC issues?

anyone else has similar experience?
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A 3 ton unit should be adequate for that size house IF the house has decent insulation, a ventilated attic, the duct work is of adequate size AND insulated, the house is reasonably air tight and the tenant is not trying to cool the great outdoors by also having a door or windows open.

That is a lot of ifs for you to check out. Add in holes in the duct work allowing cooled air to escape or hot air to enter.
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I agree with Furd; that would be a drop of 26F, at or below 50% RH & 80F with air movement using ceiling fans or floor type fans - will keep occupants comfortable.

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