Water leaking, but its not the pipe to the drain


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Water leaking, but its not the pipe to the drain


I have started getting big puddles of water coming out from under the bottom of my downstairs AC system.

I have a split system, the fans are outside and the furnace part is in the garage.

There is a PVC pipe coming out of it which goes through the garage floor to a drain, so I disconnected this at the AC unit and put a 5 gallon bucket under it.
The water drains properly out of the pipe and I get a bucket per day.

BUT, there is also water leaking from UNDER the AC unit and puddling around it on the garage floor.

What could this be and how do I fix it?
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Since it appears that the condensate drain is working properly, one possibility is that the drain pan is cracked or has a small hole in it. There is a pan located underneath the evaporator coil that catches the condensate (water) that drips off the cold evaporator coil. The drain pipe is connected to the pan and drains off most of the water that builds up in the pan. However, there is usually a thin layer of water in the pan, below the bottom edge of the drain pipe. If there is a hole or crack in the pan, some water will leak out, while most will run out the drain pipe.
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Cracked Evaporator Drip Pan Fix

My A/C Evaporator (A-Coil) drip pan was cracked and leaking water down though the plenum onto the floor. The drip pan was impossible to replace due to the fact that there was no access to remove fasteners.

To fix it, I made a thin sheet metal U-shaped channel that I placed in the area of the crack and extending about 5 inches on either side. I then injected epoxy into the channel. After that was set, I injected more epoxy from the top side along both inside and outside edge of the base of the A-coil in the area of the crack..

The fix is only intended to last thil I replace the furnace next year

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