LF Advice Regarding AC/Heating Unit RE: Air Filter/Lack thereof, etc.

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LF Advice Regarding AC/Heating Unit RE: Air Filter/Lack thereof, etc.

Hey All,

I was hoping to get some input regarding my central air system. I have a Armstrong Air Ultra V Tech 80 unit. Here are the facts as I've uncovered them:

- The outside unit (which is ~30 y.o.) blew a fuse in July but was apparently alright otherwise and worked fine once they were replaced.

- Outside unit died again a few days ago; HVAC said a wire shorted out, blowing the fuses once again. He repaired the wire and replaced the fuses again, suggesting we budget in a new outside unit.

- I noticed yesterday that the thermostat is blinking "filter". Not trying to make excuses here, but this is my 1st home and 1st time having central air, and I had no idea you were supposed to change a filter every few months until now!

- I checked the inside unit and cannot find a filter anywhere. There aren't any inside either of the two removable panels. There's a ~1"x18" slot in the ducting right where it comes out of the unit on the right, but its empty (no filter). Finally, there's a large intake vent in our living room, but no filter in there either.

So my questions are these:

1) Could the filter be somewhere else? The system wasn't really working when we bought the place ~4 years ago and we had an HVAC come in and work on it. Could he have put the filter in some other location?

2) If I actually haven't had ANY air filter in my system for the last 3-4 years, is it enough to just get a filter in that slot ASAP or will I need the whole system cleaned out somehow now?

Sorry for such a long post...I'm just totally ignorant on this and am looking for a little education so I don't unknowingly kill the lifespan of the system any more than I probably already have. Any information and suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks; have a good one.

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Welcome to the forums.

The thermostat is letting you know based on running hours that you need to service the filter. It has no idea to the actual condition or status of your filter. It's just a service reminder.

The filter needs to be somewhere in the return line. Either behind that large intake vent grill or inside the air handler. There should be an access cover that you can remove to see the blower and the incoming return line.

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