New Thermostat...non-stop central air???


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New Thermostat...non-stop central air???

I just installed a new programmable thermostat in my home. I followed the directions, but now my central air unit is running non-stop.

When I disconnected the old thermostat, I noticed the blue wire was connected to the Y circuit (thought this might have been a mistake when the old one was first connected). I connected the blue wire to the B circuit on the new thermostat and now the central air unit won't stop running...should I connect the blue wire to the Y circuit on the new thermostat? I thought blue went to B, but maybe blue goes to Y?? The instructions for the thermostat didn't mention that...everything worked fine until I put in this new works great for heat, but I don't need my central air unit running non-stop, especially when it is 20 degrees outside!

Any thoughts/help would be appreciated!!!
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The B terminal is for heat pumps.
Connect your blue wire to Y.
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Yes it is very important to identify and hook the wiring back up to the correct pins. A lot of installers ignore any rhyme or reason on color codes of wiring I had one who told me that he liked to swap them around to keep homeowners from working on their own equipment, claimed that it generated an extra 10k per year for his business? B could be any color wire as well as all the others. If you want to double check go to the AHU and see what they hooked to there on the terminal bar, if it is the same brand equipment they should match up.

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