hopefully found the cause of smell? A few questions.


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hopefully found the cause of smell? A few questions.

I have some rotten egg smell mostly in my stairwell basement area and somewhat in basement too. It does travel through heat ducts and we get eye burning and smell upstairs too. Gas company and firefighters found nothing. They detected no sewer gas either.

I did some searching and found gas smell on gas water heater which is next to the furnace. I called gas company again and they confirmed it. The leak is less than mild according to their machine. But the smell also matches the one we smell on the stairs and basement. The gas valve will get replaced by a pro.

1) My question. Can such a mild, non concerning gas leak cause bad smell on my stairwell and basement? (right above/right to the furnace) My detector also picked nothing but when i smell with my nose even a couple inches away its a killer. (No carbon monoxide)

2) I have at least 2 heat vents in my basement that go under the concrete floor instead from ceiling. They are so filthy. Possibly moldy. Are they expensive to replace or can they be shut for good like they don't exist? Or is it cheaper to have mold pros to inspect with cameras etc.?

3) My furnace just stop working, it makes noise and cold air comes out. If the pilot light is toff, what is causing the sound and cold air?

4) Is the gas still getting to water heater is furnace is down?

5) I got a few stans on the ceiling. IDK from when and how. I get sweetish smell from all ducts when heat is off. Should I just do duct cleaning or should I worry that there is mold in the ducts?

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I got andwers for questions 2,3 and 4.

To question 1 I would like to add "can gas leak/smell travel into furnace and question 5 when I said duct cleaning I meant furnace/duct cleaning. The landlord will not pay $2000 for inspection even though I bet there is mold at least on the other side of ceiling drywall. I wanna clean furnace and ducts but someone said if there is toxic mold then the furnace cleanets will just disrupt it more.

Eye irritation continues
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Landlord? If this is a rental, read your lease very carefully before you touch any system.
If there's is a true problem with the system, you may only have a small responsibility of the costs of the repair. All this information should be in your lease. If your landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance on the HVAC system, hold him responsible for it. You should have a quality of living clause in your lease.
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Are you behind on paying your rent at this property? If you are paid up then you should for sure complain to the landlord so he will have fair warning and can start finding a new tenant without such a sensitive nose, for when your current lease runs out. Just the facts Jack that is the way the real world turns. Life is not fair.

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