4 ton heat pump connected to a 3.5 ton coil


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4 ton heat pump connected to a 3.5 ton coil

For what ever reason the contractor that installed the heat pump system used a 4 con SEER 14 heat pump and connected it to a 3.5 Ton coil. The system is about 10 years old. To make a long story short we purchased the house about 3 years ago. The heat pump compressor failed on us about a year later. It was under warranty so at least the cost of the compressor was covered when we replaced it. It never work right after that. Then we found out that the condenser was undersized and short of replacing it service people said we could keep it going by change the freon level between summer and winter. As soon as the weather got better we opted to replace the coil. Turns out that the 4 ton coil takes up a lot more space that the 3.5 ton coil and the entire handler would have to be replaced. So that never happened. During a cool wave over Thanksgiving the compressor started to overheat and draw much more current than it should. I disconnected the compressor and we have be running on the heating coil since. This system has been an inherited problem and if I knew the coil was undersized when it first failed I would have replaced the entire unit. At this point I am going to try and sell the house and would like some opinions about replacing the compressor unit with 3.5 ton used unit. How long can I expect a used compressor unit to run. Example: if it is a 7 year old Goodman can I expect 5 or 10 more years out of it. How long would you expect a condenser and handler system to last? Any ideas. I am looking at Amana and Goodman to start with before I look at the higher end manufactures. I would be a R22 unit.
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I'm not a heat pump expert but I do know that they really need to be factory matched or they probably wont work well. Used units are a huge gamble in my experience. If you are selling your house I would recommend "adjusting" the freon in the summer and winter to get you through until you sell. If you decide to stay long term then I would recommend a new matched system.
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Do you have an air handler or furnace + coil?

Air handler -> have a new goodman air handler/coil installed to match the condenser

Coil above furnace -> should be able to get matching coil put in.

I don't think heatpumps are too forgiving -> has to be on a matching coil, charged properly, have correct airflow -> otherwise it won't work right.

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