How to Maintain my 1999 Trane XL1200? (Tucson, AZ)

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How to Maintain my 1999 Trane XL1200? (Tucson, AZ)

Hi everyone.

I just successfully repaired my refrigerator for the first time. It was a burnt
out starter relay for the compressor, and it was possibly caused by having a thick carpet of lint and dust on the front coils, which I also cleaned off.

This got me to thinking that perhaps my AC unit, which works correctly at the moment, might need cleaning out too, so I went on the roof and took pics:

Trane_XL1200 - a set on Flickr

But the cooling fins only had a few insects here and there, as you can see in one pic, so they don't seem to need cleaning.

But I have questions:

1) Besides cleaning off the fins, what else can I do to maintain this unit?
2) Where can I find a service manual for this unit? Model # YCX042G1M0AA
3) What is the reddish circular thing inside the fan blades?
4) The two ducts attach to the unit with rubber like bellows. I assume this in normal?
5) My home inspector felt that: "moisture is leaking from within the evaporator coil, instead of being carried to exterior through condensate discharge pipe, either due to blockage or misaligned components within coil. The condensate line may be blocked. The system achieve low differential temp split between input and output, which could indicate low refrigerant." But again, the AC seemed to work fine last I used it.
5) Obviously I need to flip the breaker "OFF" on this before opening it up, but where exactly is the service panel? Is it the panel that has the gas line coming out of it, with the mail-slot looking thing? Or is it the panel to the left of that one?

I'd like to know this before I have problems, and have to try these things:

DIY Air Conditioner Repair: The Family Handyman

Thanks in advance for any advice.....
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Ok, I finally got a reply in another forum:

"repair or replace any compromised conduit.
clean the evaporator coils inside the unit.
power wash the condensor coils from inside out.
adjust tension and/or replace v-belt inside that drive the blower motor if not direct drive.
lubricate all bearings.
make sure no refridgerant lines or electrical wires are chafing on anyting.
change the air filter.
make sure the p-trap on the condensate drain line is clear.
you will have to replace the condensor fan motor sooner or later.
secure the gas line so it doesn't fall of the support block.
don't fry yourself on the main service mast less than 3' away from the unit.
reposition the owl from time to time.
inspect any contactors for wear/burnt.
the red round thing is the A/C compressor.
duct connections are normal.
to cut power to the unit, remove the breaker inside the grey box with the bad conduit.
open the lid, grap the black T-handle and pull straight out. now the unit has no power.
If the panel is removable, take it off and get familiar with the unit."

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