Honeywell thermostat rthl2310 won't turn AC off


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Unhappy Honeywell thermostat rthl2310 won't turn AC off

We bought our home in September and had the HVAC inspected and routine maintenance performed. We installed a programmable thermostat to save some money, which as far as we could tell, worked great over the winter. Now, that we're having some hotter weather, I turned on the AC and programmed the cool aspect.

The thermostat activates the AC and keeps it running constantly, we woke up to a 60 degree house, when the thermostat was set for 75. The funny thing is, the night time temp for he heat was set for 60.

I think that although the display shows the new temperature settings, it's not actually crossing over to take effect. I couldn't find a reset button and removing the batteries for a few minutes didn't seem to help.

Right now, it's cooled the house to 71, when it says it's set for 77. We had several cold days again, and the heat still works perfectly. Anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm not familiar with that thermostat, however most (all) thermostats allow you to temporarily override the programmed settings. If you manually raise the set point well above the current temperature while in cooling mode, does the A/C turn off? If it does, it would indicate that the thermostat isn't programmed correctly in cooling mode. If it doesn't turn off, it indicates a defective thermostat (cooling relay "stuck" in the ON position).
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Bob14525, Thanks for your help! Turns out it's actually a mis-wiring, we're still working on it.

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