Is my heat pump short cycling?


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Is my heat pump short cycling?

I've noticed that my Carrier Comfort series heat pump will at times in ac mode, run for maybe 5 minutes, usually when temperatures outside are not that hot (i.e. in the 70s). I have my thermostat set for 74F but I do open my window blinds so I guess the sun coming in eventually at times makes the inside of my house warmer than outside.

But with these temperatures I've noticed that the ac may run for about 5 minutes (sometimes a little bit less I think) then shut off. From the observations I've made, I do not think it exceeds four cycles per hour, which I think is normal. So is it normal if the ac may run for a brief period (5 min, maybe a little less) as long as it does not exceed four cycles in an hour? When it is hotter outside, the ac stays on longer to cool the house. I've had issues with my heat pump and leaks and wanted to verify whether or not it may be short cycling or if what I described is normal operation.
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With outside temp in the 70s, it sounds normal to me.

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