Blower motor repeatedly burning up?? ideas??


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Blower motor repeatedly burning up?? ideas??

My unit is 10 years old. The parts are all the original parts and this is the first time it's acted up.

A few weeks ago the thermostat and thermostat wire went bad so we replaced it. Maybe a week later the blower motor burnt up and filled the house with smoke.My husband replaced the motor. The new one lasted 2 weeks and burned up AGAIN. That was Wednesday. Thursday an a/c guy came out he had a dozen thoughts on what COULD BE causing it but they all panned out and in the end he said he didn't know. He replaced the motor Thursday. That motor burned up last night. He came back again today and still has no idea what the problem is.

My husband checked the transformer and it was very corroded. He tried to remove it and one of the wires broke off of it. We replaced that tonight.
If it burns up again what should I consider next?

It's an electric unit. Freon is good. No leaks. It now has a new transformer and new fan relay.

I'm $800 into it and still don't know what's going on.
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What amps was the motor pulling? What voltage is going to motor? Could be circuit board energizing more than one speed of the motor causing motor to burn up. Could be an unbalanced blower wheel
Causing motor to get hot. Could also be that you tried to install a furnace blower(120 volts) into an air handler which runs at 240v.
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Motors don't burn up in a few days without a very obvious problem. Ender left some good ideas.
My first thought was that multiple speeds are engaging too.

A make and model of that unit would help us also.
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3.3 amps

240 volts

The wheel is smooth and not unbalanced.

The model number of the motor and squirrel cage or the acoils??
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Also my husband did check to make sure that multiple speeds are not engaging.

So far my a/c is still running with yesterdays repairs. Maybe, hopefully it will last.

Yesterday a new blower motor and transformer were installed.
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Model number of the overall system...outdoor condenser and indoor air handler/coil assembly.

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